Top 10 UK Mum Blogs PLUS 10 More You’ll Love

Top 10 UK Mum Blogs PLUS 10 More You’ll Love

There are so many mummy blogs out there right now that cover ALL aspects of parenting. The good, the bad and the outright ugly side of being a mum.

Many of these blogs are incredibly successful, amassing tens (even hundreds) of thousands of followers. A mummy blog can lead to a full time income, book deals, radio and TV appearances if that’s your thing.

Some are brutally honest about the downsides to being a mummy. And they make us laugh and cry because they say out loud the things we feel guilty about thinking sometimes.

And some are pretty much household names now. I bet you’ve heard of Sarah Turner, aka The Unmumsy Mum. Or Gill Sims, aka Why Mummy Drinks. And you’ve definitely seen Katie Kirby’s work, Hurrah For Gin.

Each of these women started writing their own personal accounts of motherhood. And each of them went on to become wildly successful top mum blogs.

But not all mum blogs heal with humour. There are as many different approaches to writing a top mummy blog as there are mum bloggers.

Here I’m going to share with you my top 10 UK mum blogs, as well as 10 more mum blogs that are not so well known, but you’ll definitely love to follow.

FYI – I haven’t “ranked” these in top 10 order – I love them all.

Are you ready? Here we go!

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Top 10 UK Mum Blogs PLUS 10 More You'll Love To Follow

Top 10 Mum Blogs

#1 Honest Mum

Top 10 UK Mum Blogs PLUS 10 More You'll Love To Follow

I absolutely love Vicky Psarias’s blog Honest Mum. And Vicky is a real gem too. So lovely!

Vicky’s blog covers everything to do with parenting and lifestyle, and has a magazine quality to it, which adds to its appeal.

She began her blog after experiencing a traumatic birth. Honest Mum is now a brand of its own. And, as well as creating brilliant content, Vicky is a best-selling author who makes regular appearances on TV too.

#2 Rainy Day Mum

Top 10 UK Mum Blogs PLUS 10 More You'll Love To Follow

Cerys Parker’s wonderful blog Rainy Day Mum began life when Cerys couldn’t find any good ideas online about what to do at home with a toddler and a baby.

So Cerys set herself the challenge to come up with a simple activity for her toddler to do each day, and then share it with her friends and family on her blog. There are so many good ideas on here!

#3 Slummy Single Mummy

Top 10 UK Mum Blogs PLUS 10 More You'll Love To Follow

I love Jo Middleton’s blog Slummy Single Mummy. Jo has a wonderful sense of humour, and she’s been sharing her experiences of motherhood since 2009.

As her kids have grown, the blog has morphed too. Jo says she now enjoys creating recipes and writing about food and travel. And let’s not forget to mention her debut novel Playgroups and Prosecco.

#4 Boo Roo & Tigger Too

Top 10 UK Mum Blogs PLUS 10 More You'll Love To Follow

Sarah Anguish has it all covered in her fabulous blog Boo, Roo and Tigger Too. An award-winning family lifestyle blog, Sarah writes about everything from decorating to travel, product reviews and days out, as well as parenting.

You can learn a lot from this brilliant blogger, who’s now branching out into blogger outreach (sometimes called influencer marketing).

#5 Brummy Mummy of 2

Top 10 UK Mum Blogs PLUS 10 More You'll Love To Follow

I absolutely adore everything about Emma Conway’s wonderful blog Brummy Mummy of 2. Like many other mummy bloggers, Emma started writing when her kids were still babies because, in her words, she was bored and lonely.

Emma writes about the highs and lows of motherhood, body confidence, mental health and life over 40. She has her own YouTube channel, has made radio and TV appearances and has recently published her first book, which is a collection of uplifting and humorous poems for mums.

#6 Who’s the Mummy?

Top 10 UK Mum Blogs PLUS 10 More You'll Love To Follow

Sally Whittle’s blog Who’s the Mummy is now more then 10 years old and still going strong. She describes her blog as “the story of a chaotic, fun-loving family that loves to laugh, and find adventure near and far.”

As well as blogging, Sally works full time running a digital marketing company, Flea Enterprises. If you’re hoping to use your blog to launch your career as an influencer, then you should definitely follow Sally’s blog.

#7 Mum in the Madhouse

Top 10 UK Mum Blogs PLUS 10 More You'll Love To Follow

Another seasoned top mum blog is Jen Walshaw’s Mum in the Madhouse. A mum of two teenage boys, Jen says that “trying to live a creative life in a digital age fuelled on tea, fabric and stationery!”

Mum in the Madhouse covers a variety of topics, including art, crafts, cooking with kids, screen-free activities and a dose of real life.

#8 Not Another Mummy Blog

Top 10 UK Mum Blogs PLUS 10 More You'll Love To Follow

I first discovered Alison Perry on Twitter, and then became a fan of her brilliant blog Not Another Mummy Blog. Working as a freelance magazine and online editor, Alison is not afraid of being topical on her blog.

And that’s so refreshing. Alison doesn’t shy away from difficult topics. And she isn’t shy about letting the world know her opinions. If you’re a fan of her blog, you’ll love her Not Another Mummy Podcast too!

#9 What Katy Said

Top 10 UK Mum Blogs PLUS 10 More You'll Love To Follow

I really love Katy’s blog What Katy Said. Like many other mummy blogs, Katy started her blogging journey because of the struggles she was facing in early motherhood.

Her blog has grown, and she now also has a YouTube channel where she shares videos about reconnecting with ourself, finding our own style and getting organised.

#10 Mudpie Fridays

Top 10 UK Mum Blogs PLUS 10 More You'll Love To Follow

Clare Minall’s blog Mudpie Fridays is brilliant if you’re looking for quick ways to entertain the kids. Clare shares her experiences of balancing her career with motherhood.

These days Mudpie Fridays is becoming more of a family travel blog, where Clare writes about their adventures close to home and further afield.

Plus 10 More Mum Blogs You’ll Love!

So the blogs I’ve just listed are big, popular and well-known. They’re all top UK mum blogs.

These are mum blogs to be inspired by and aspire to be like. But there are lots more UK mum blogs that I love to follow.

Here’s my bonus list of 10 more UK mum blogs I love, and you will too.

#1 GinGin & Roo

Shhh! Don’t tell anyone, but this is actually my mummy blog. I had to sneak it in here somewhere! GinGin & Roo is my award-winning blog where I share my parenting hacks, tips for surviving motherhood and all aspects of raising daughters.

#2 Twins Tantrums and Cold Coffee

I really love Helen Copson’s blog Twins, Tantrums and Cold Coffee. She writes about the highs and lows of being a mummy to three boys under three, when her twins arrived just before their brother’s second birthday. Helen is honest, brilliantly sarcastic and just a little bit sweary.

#3 The Mummy Bubble

Vicky Smith is another of my fave bloggers. She started The Mummy Bubble as a hobby, but it’s grown into a brilliant resource for new mums and mums-to-be to find honest advice and parenting tips that really work. As a former journalist, more recently Vicky has been sharing tips on how to spot fake news.

#4 Mum Muddling Through

Sarah started her brilliant blog Mum Muddling Through to document the highs and lows of parenting after she was made redundant from her Science job. She writes about lots of topics ranging from returning to work, health and wellbeing and quitting alcohol. Yep – no gin!

#5 Laura’s Lovely Blog

Laura Summers really has created a lovely blog. She writes about family life, positivity and “lovely things”, which just happens to include books! One of the things I love about Laura’s Lovely Blog is her writing on feminism. She does this in a positive and gentle way, which I think makes it even more powerful and persuasive.

#6 The Pramshed

Claire Moran’s blog, The Pramshed, is a fabulous example of how blogs can transform over time. What began life as a parenting blog has morphed into a space where Claire writes about careers, social media and, more recently, home renovations and interior design.

#7 This Mummy Loves

Sonia Thorpe’s blog, This Mummy Loves, covers a plethora of topics, including motherhood from pregnancy right through to raising teens, days out, travel and recipes. As a children’s photographer you can be sure her blog is filled with beautiful imagery.

#8 The Inspiration Edit

I discovered Angela Milnes’s blog, The Inspiration Edit, when we both won BritMums Blogging Awards in 2019. You should read her About Me page to discover just why this woman is such an inspiration. And then settle in to read some of her wonderful blog posts covering home life, adventures, crafts, and recipes.

#9 Plutonium Sox

Natalie Ray is another blogger I found on Twitter. I just love her blog Plutonium Sox, where she writes about her family’s adventures, things to do in the West Midlands and product reviews. Being outdoors and ethical consumerism are important to Natalie, which I think is why I love her blog!

#10 Someone’s Mum

Danielle Duggins is the blogger behind Someone’s Mum. This is a wonderful blog about family life, days out, recipes and crafts. With her son on the autism spectrum, and her own autism diagnosis in adulthood, Danielle also writes about their experience of SEN provision, prejudice towards autistic individuals and how fabulous neurodiverse family life is.

Your Blog?

So there you have my UK 10 top mum blog PLUS an extra bonus 10 brilliant mum blogs I love, and you will too.

I hope this list inspires you to take the leap and start your own blog too, lovely mama.

What Next?

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Top 10 UK Mum Blogs PLUS 10 More You'll Love To Follow

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