12 Ways To Make Money As A Mummy Blogger

Updated: Feb 14, 2023 @ 11:23 am

It’s entirely possible to make money from your mummy blog. Read this to find out how you can make money as a mummy blogger with these 12 money-making methods.

It’s no secret that I started my first blog by accident. I was totally clueless about everything to do with blogging. And this includes knowing that I could make money from my mummy blog, let alone ACTUALLY making money from mummy blogging.

But as I learned more and more about blogging through months and months of searching online, watching YouTube videos, taking part in webinars and good old trial and error, I discovered that lots and lots of people were making an income through blogging.

And these weren’t all tech, finance, health and fashion/beauty blogs. I discovered that mums were making money online too. Mummy blogging (or mommy blogging if you’re across the Pond) can be a lucrative area for bloggers too.

Even “lifestyle” blogs can make money, although they are harder to grow because oftentimes they’re not necessarily niche enough. Read this to find out why it’s important to have a well-defined niche if you want to make money from your blog.

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So it is possible to make money as a mummy blogger. But a word of caution: this isn’t going to be a get rich quick scheme. It takes hard work, commitment and a tonne of perseverance to make an income from your mummy blog.

Don’t let that put you off. Use that knowledge to push through the first few months – which are definitely the hardest – and keep your goals realistic to start with.

Set Yourself Realistic Goals - Blogging Tips From BusyBeingMummy.com

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How To Make Money As A Mummy Blogger

So now we know that we can make money as a mummy blogger, let’s talk about how.

In this article I’m going to list 12 different methods bloggers use to make money from their blog. And these methods work for any type of blog.

So, if you’re a mummy who blogs about bullet journaling, or postpartum fitness, or crocheting, or decluttering, or parenting tweens, or whatever your blog niche is, you could use these methods to monetise your blog.

My advice would be to incorporate two or three income streams into your blogging plan from the beginning. You don’t want to put all your eggs into one basket. And you can experiment with which monetising methods your audience best responds to.

Also, by diversifying your income streams, you’re safeguarding yourself against unforeseen changes.

For example, say you decide to monetise your blog only through the Amazon Associates program (don’t worry – I’ll explain what this is below!) and then all of a sudden Amazon change their affiliate policies, you might lose most or all of your income overnight.

And that is exactly what happened in April this year. Amazon slashed their affiliate commission rates, leaving many bloggers angry and struggling to make money.

You can read about it in this Forbes article.

My point is that if you solely relied on the Amazon Associates program to monetise your blog, then you’d have to work a lot harder to make less money.

But if your Amazon commission was only one part of your income stream, yes you’d probably still be pretty pissed off with Amazon, but it wouldn’t be totally catastrophic to your income. You could increase your efforts elsewhere to see a better financial return.

"incorporate two or three income streams into your blogging plan from the beginning. You don't want to put all your eggs into one basket. And you can experiment with which monetising methods your audience best responds to." Share on X

Here’s 12 different methods you could use to make money as a mummy blogger.

Bloggers Make Money With Google Adsense

Google AdSense is one of the first money-making methods that lots of bloggers try. It’s relatively straight-forward to apply to join. And then you can choose how and where Google is allowed to place adverts on your blog. You choose the type of companies that you’d be happy to let advertise on your site, and matching companies bid to have their ads show up on your blog.

(You can find out more about how Google AdSense works here.)

The appeal to this monetisation method is that it’s pretty much something that can be set up and forgotten about. Every now and then you can go in and either approve or disallow new ads/companies from advertising on your site. The rest of the time this system is automated.

Sounds great. A simple and easy way to make money as a mummy blogger.

BUT Google AdSense slows down your website, which will negatively impact on your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). AND you’re going to need tens of thousands of visitors to your blog each month to make this worthwhile. PLUS ads can be very distracting to your readers and actually encourage your audience to click away from your blog.

So if you already have an awesome amount of blog traffic you might consider Google AdSense, but there are definitely more profitable ways to monetise your mummy blog traffic.

Woman sitting with laptop with analytics graphics on grey background

Make Money With Display Ads On Your Blog

Display ads are very much like Google AdSense in so far as you allow brands/companies to place ads and banners on your blog and you get paid for clicks or views.

The big difference with joining some of the large ad management agencies, rather than Adsense, is the amount of money you’ll earn.

But you’re going to need to have a good volume of traffic coming to your blog to be able to apply to the higher-paying ad management networks.

So, as a new blogger trying to make money from your mummy blog, one of your first goals should be getting as much traffic as possible to your website. Then you can apply to the bigger ad agencies.

Some of the popular ad management agencies for bloggers are:

  • Ezoic (requires 10K sessions per month to apply)
  • Monumetric (requires 10K sessions per month to apply)
  • Mediavine (requires 25K sessions per month to apply) *Edited to say that as of 15th June 2020 Mediavine require 50K sessions per month. You can read about why they made the changes here.
  • AdThrive (requires 100K sessions per month to apply)

See the number of monthly sessions each ad management requires? That’s why growing your blog traffic should be your number one priority as a new blogger. And the most reliable way to track your blog traffic is via Google Analytics. (You can find out more about GA here.)

Ezoic Monumetric Mediavine Adthrive logos

Bloggers Make Money With Affiliate Programs

Another popular way to make money as a mummy blogger is through affiliate marketing. The definition for affiliate is to “officially connect a person to an organisation.” And affiliate marketing works because, generally speaking, you’re connecting your audience with brands/companies they will love, increasing the odds that they will make purchases from them.

Whenever someone lands on your blog and clicks through one of your affiliate links, you will make a small commission if they go on to make a purchase.

And the great thing is that it doesn’t cost your reader any extra money. The brand or company is sharing a percentage of their profit with you as a thank you for helping them make a sale.

Remember how I mentioned Amazon Associates above? Well that’s an example of an affiliate program. And it’s one of the affiliate programs that lots of bloggers start with, because it’s super-easy to join and everyone shops through Amazon. So it’s a trusted e-commerce site where people are comfortable spending their money online.

Lots of companies offer affiliate schemes. Just search for your favourite company “+ affiliate” to see if they have a program you can join.

There are also affiliate marketing networks you can join, which makes the whole process of finding and joining affiliate programs much faster and far easier. One of the first networks I joined was Awin because they were already partnered with so many of the brands both me and my audience love.

List of Companies Offering Affiliate Marketing Programs - blog advice on how to make money as a mummy blogger from Busy Being Mummy

How To Make Money Blogging With Sponsored Posts / Sponsored Social Media

Sponsored blog posts, or even sponsored social media posts, are another great way to make money as a mummy blogger. This is basically where a company or brand pays a blogger to write a blog post about them or their products or services. Or you may receive payment for a social media post instead of a full blog post.

In either case, you have to declare this type of content as a sponsored post. Be really up-front, open and honest about it. You need to let your audience know that you’ve received payment from a brand or company to write about them.

There are lots of ways that you can find companies to write sponsored posts for;

  • a company might reach out to you to see if you’re willing to write a sponsored post for them – yippee!
  • you can reach out to brands you love to see if they work with bloggers / social media influencers on sponsored posts*
  • there are networks you can join that link bloggers with brands

* Pro Tip: look for bigger bloggers in your niche on Instagram and search through their posts looking for “sponsored” content or posts “in partnership with.” If you’d like to work with that brand too, reach out to them because you already know they have a budget for sponsored content and they work with bloggers.

* Pro Tip 2: Try to find out the name and email address of the head of marketing and contact them directly, rather than sending an email to the company’s generic contact email address

Make Money Blogging As A Brand Ambassador

You can make money as a mummy blogger by becoming a brand ambassador for a particular brand that you know well and love. One of the great things about this monetisation strategy is that it’s very often a long-term relationship between you and the brand.

Having a regular, repeat income from your blog is reassuring because making any money from blogging can be a bit of a rollercoaster – especially during the early months of blogging.

Again you’re going to have to put in some leg work here to find brands that pay for brand ambassadors. As a new blogger you might only find companies are willing to send you freebies – rather than pay money – for your services as an ambassador. It’s totally up to you if you want to accept products as payment.

I would caution against working with any company that asks you to pay for products as a brand ambassador, or only offer you a discount. These companies do not want to nurture a good working relationship with you. They want to exploit your hard work.

How Bloggers Make Money From Digital Products

A digital product is anything that you make and sell for use online. And the opportunities here are endless, especially if you’re creative, have an eye for design or your product fills a gap in the market, or puts a new spin on solving an old problem.

Bloggers make money by selling all sorts of digital products to their audience, including:

  • printables
  • ebooks
  • online courses
  • schedulers / planners
  • apps
  • photos

If it solves a problem, you can make it and sell it to make money as a mummy blogger!

Busy Being Mummy learn how start a blog for complete beginners

Bloggers Make Money With Physical Products

This is also true for physical products. And lots of mummy bloggers make money from selling physical products on their blog.

You’ve heard of Hurrah for Gin, right? Well did you know that Katie (the blogger behind the hilarious blog) also has an online store where you can buy actual greetings cards?

And maybe you’ve seen the beautiful posts from my friend Alice In Scandiland on Instagram. But did you know Alice started an online store born from her blog, and she now has an actual shop in Cornwall selling beautiful Scandi-style homewares?

So if you’re a keen crafter or jewellery maker, or you make cute baby clothes or design cool t-shirts, or make one-off glassware pieces or whatever your product may be, you can sell it on your blog and make money as a mummy blogger.

Pairs of jewelled earrings on a pink background

How To Use Your Blog To Make Money Offering Freelance Work / Services

Perhaps one of the more unexpected methods to make money as a mummy blogger is to use your blog as a portfolio and get hired to work as a freelancer. Or you could craft your blog entirely with the purpose of showcasing services you offer.

As a blogger you are learning, honing and mastering so many different skills. Skills that other businesses value and are willing to pay for. Maybe you have a particular skill at creating click-worthy Pinterest pins, or you’re super-knowledgeable about SEO. These are valuable skills that you can monetise outside of your blog.

You could craft your blog to showcase your content creation skills, or your expertise as a copywriter, and then offer these services out to other businesses or bloggers.

I’ve landed freelance blog writing work purely from using my mummy blog as an example of my blogging ability. And none of the work I’ve landed has been remotely linked to my niche. It was my blogging skills, and my writing style that won me the work.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. You’re developing valuable skills. And the business world is always looking for new talent.

Make Money Blogging With A Membership Section Of Your Website

Did you know that you can section off part of your website and put it behind a paywall? You can set up pages to be accessible only with a password. And you can charge your audience for access to those pages.

Pretty neat hey!

I have a page that’s locked behind a password here on the Busy Being Mummy website. It’s where I keep the freebies for people who sign up to my newsletter to access.

But I could equally make a section on my website that’s for members only. A premium section of hyper-valuable insights that only a paying audience has access to. And you can too!

Glasses of champagne

Bloggers Make Money Speaking At Events As Experts In Their Niche

You can make money as a mummy blogger if you’re an expert in your niche and speak at public or industry-specific network events, symposia and conferences. You’re possibly going to need an agent for this or, at the very least, be well known in your area of expertise.

Check out this video from reporter-turned-video-coach Lucy Griffiths if you’d like to know more about how you can make money as a mummy blogger by speaking at events.

Make Money As A Blogger Offering Consultancy Work

Before we were mummies lots of us had lucrative careers in one sector or another. And many of us chose to step back from those hard-fought-for careers to have children.

Some of us even decided that going back to those lucrative careers just wasn’t something we wanted after experiencing motherhood. Or we wanted a more flexible, family-friendly career. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t still make money from our former careers. In fact building a freelance consultancy business based on our industry knowledge could be highly profitable and flexible.

If your blog niche is in an area that’s in high demand, or commands a high degree of insider knowledge and specialist education, then you could make money as a mummy blogger offering consultancy work within your area of expertise.

Two business women and a laptop computer- tips on how to make money as a mummy blogger from busy being mummy

How Bloggers Make Money From Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting, for those of you who’ve never heard the term before, is where you’re paid to write something for which you do not get named credit. You are writing for someone else, either anonymously or under someone else’s name entirely.

You can absolutely make money as a mummy blogger by finding ghostwriting jobs. And there are always opportunities available for ghostwriters.

Again you can use you blog as your portfolio of writing samples. And the great thing about blogging is that we’re always honing our writing skills. We learn to type faster, with fewer errors the more we write.

The fees for ghostwriting vary, depending on where you’re searching for that type of work. You will always find ghostwriting jobs advertised on job sites, such as Problogger, Upwork and Freelancer. But these will typically be at the lower end of what ghostwriters can earn.

So do your research and look for industry-specific opportunities for ghostwriting. The more technical, highly-skilled or expertise required for the job, the more lucrative it will be.

12 Ways To Make Money As A Mummy Blogger: The Takeaway

To recap here are the 12 ways to make money as a mummy blogger that I’ve covered in this article:

  • Google Adsense
  • Display Ads
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Digital Products
  • Physical Products
  • Freelance Work / Services
  • Membership Section On Website
  • Speaking At Events
  • Consultancy Work
  • Ghostwriting
  • It’s important to remember that you should choose two or three monetisation strategies to begin with to diversify your income potential.
  • Decide on how you want to make money from your mummy blog before you start your blog – or as soon as possible afterwards. And play to your strengths during the beginning stages of blogging. Do what you know to begin with, or limit how many income streams you’ll need to master, because there is a lot to learn as a new blogger. You don’t want to become overwhelmed with how much you’ll need to learn.
  • Keep in mind that being successful in making money from your mummy blog is quite simply about connecting your audience to the right product. You can sell your own products, or someone else’s. Whichever you chose doesn’t matter nearly as much as making sure you’re connecting your audience with products they really want or need.
  • The key to making money as a mummy blogger is to provide real value to your audience. Help them. Solve their problems. Make there life better or easier or both. Don’t just try to sell stuff to them. That’s such a turn-off and it will drive people away from your site.
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  1. Wow – this post was VERY insightful. Just when you think you know – there is always MORE to learn! I didn’t think about creating a “members only” section to the blog – how SMART!

    I will definitely be using some of these suggestions – thank you very much!

  2. Thank you so much for a wonderful post. I am a new blogger and had no idea there were so many monetization options. I will definitely be incorporating these in soon.

    1. Hey Renee,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. So happy to hear that you enjoyed this post! It can be so difficult to know how to make money from a mom / mummy blog, especially for new bloggers who have only just started blogging. I was blogging for about a year before I even knew I could make money from blogging – ha! – so I completely understand how useful this type of information is for new bloggers. I hope it gave you some ideas on how to monetise your blog too.

      Jennie xx

  3. Thank you this is so helpful for anyone in the early stages of starting a blog like I am. Great ideas and easy to understand and follow.

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